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Hola! I’m Raquel and I’m graduated in Audiovisual Design in Bau, Centro Universitario de Diseño. I have special interest in the design of motion graphics 3D and 2D extrapolable to endless audiovisual techniques.

About my professional experience, I had the opportunity to practice on Onionlab studio where I was able to collaborate in the stereoscopic videomapping Diplopia projected on the building of Girona. In turn, I made a project for the web Playmoss.

Later, I was able to work in a UX / UI  and product design studio called Zinc where I was able to work as a motion designer to collaborate on different projects of 3D and 2D animation and rendering of several products.

This last time, I’ve been a motion designer and video editor at the company Coleo Comunicación, especially working on video postproduction for pharmaceutical companies.

Currently i’m a freelance designer and I’ve worked on very different projects, such as Nutrimedia for the Pompeu Fabra University, animations for social networks with Irene Sango, Graphic and audiovisual content for the cybersecurity company INCIDE, videos of medical content for QUODEM , or the longest project so far, CANAL TRADERS, of which I have been the graphic designer in charge of generating the content for the chapters of the YouTube reality made by Pol Mainat, and directed by Ainhoa Casado.

Download my CV here